2.1. Introduction

Welcome to SampleVNF’s documentation !

The project’s goal was to provide a placeholder for various sample VNF (Virtual Network Function (VNF)) development which includes example reference architecture and optimization methods related to VNF/Network service for high performance VNFs. Today, we only maintain PROX and rapid scripts as part of this project to perform Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) characterization.

SampleVNF is used in OPNFV for characterization of NFVI.

2.1.1. About This Document

This document consists of the following chapters:

  • Chapter Introduction provides a brief introduction to SampleVNF project’s background and describes the structure of this document.
  • Chapter Methodology describes the methodology implemented by the SampleVNF Project for NFVI verification.
  • Chapter SampleVNF Installation provides instructions to install SampleVNF.
  • Chapter Running the test shows how to run the dataplane testing.