15.2.25. Yardstick Test Case Description TC074ΒΆ

test case id OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC074_Storperf
metric Storage performance
test purpose

Storperf integration with yardstick. The purpose of StorPerf is to provide a tool to measure block and object storage performance in an NFVI. When complemented with a characterization of typical VF storage performance requirements, it can provide pass/fail thresholds for test, staging, and production NFVI environments.

The benchmarks developed for block and object storage will be sufficiently varied to provide a good preview of expected storage performance behavior for any type of VNF workload.


file: opnfv_yardstick_tc074.yaml

  • agent_count: 1 - the number of VMs to be created
  • agent_image: “Ubuntu-14.04” - image used for creating VMs
  • public_network: “ext-net” - name of public network
  • volume_size: 2 - cinder volume size
  • block_sizes: “4096” - data block size
  • queue_depths: “4”
  • StorPerf_ip: “”
  • query_interval: 10 - state query interval
  • timeout: 600 - maximum allowed job time
test tool


StorPerf is a tool to measure block and object storage performance in an NFVI.

StorPerf is delivered as a Docker container from https://hub.docker.com/r/opnfv/storperf/tags/.





Test can be configured with different:

  • agent_count

  • volume_size

  • block_sizes

  • queue_depths

  • query_interval

  • timeout

  • target=[device or path] The path to either an attached storage device (/dev/vdb, etc) or a directory path (/opt/storperf) that will be used to execute the performance test. In the case of a device, the entire device will be used. If not specified, the current directory will be used.

  • workload=[workload module] If not specified, the default is to run all workloads. The workload types are:

    • rs: 100% Read, sequential data
    • ws: 100% Write, sequential data
    • rr: 100% Read, random access
    • wr: 100% Write, random access
    • rw: 70% Read / 30% write, random access
  • nossd: Do not perform SSD style preconditioning.

  • nowarm: Do not perform a warmup prior to measurements.

  • report= [job_id] Query the status of the supplied job_id and report on metrics. If a workload is supplied, will report on only that subset.

    There are default values for each above-mentioned option.

pre-test conditions

If you do not have an Ubuntu 14.04 image in Glance, you will need to add one. A key pair for launching agents is also required.

Storperf is required to be installed in the environment. There are two possible methods for Storperf installation:

Run container on Jump Host Run container in a VM

Running StorPerf on Jump Host Requirements:

  • Docker must be installed
  • Jump Host must have access to the OpenStack Controller API
  • Jump Host must have internet connectivity for downloading docker image
  • Enough floating IPs must be available to match your agent count

Running StorPerf in a VM Requirements:

  • VM has docker installed
  • VM has OpenStack Controller credentials and can communicate with the Controller API
  • VM has internet connectivity for downloading the docker image
  • Enough floating IPs must be available to match your agent count

No POD specific requirements have been identified.

test sequence description and expected result
step 1

The Storperf is installed and Ubuntu 14.04 image is stored in glance. TC is invoked and logs are produced and stored.

Result: Logs are stored.

test verdict None. Storage performance results are fetched and stored.