16.2.4. Yardstick Test Case Description: NSB PROX L2FWDΒΆ

NSB PROX test for NFVI characterization
test case id


  • context = baremetal or heat_context;
  • port_num = 2 or 4;
  • Network Throughput;
  • TG Packets Out;
  • TG Packets In;
  • VNF Packets Out;
  • VNF Packets In;
  • Dropped packets;
test purpose

The PROX L2FWD test has 3 types of test cases: L2FWD: The application will take packets in from one port and forward them unmodified to another port L2FWD_Packet_Touch: The application will take packets in from one port, update src and dst MACs and forward them to another port. L2FWD_Multi_Flow: The application will take packets in from one port, update src and dst MACs and forward them to another port. This test case exercises the softswitch with 200k flows.

The above test cases are implemented for baremetal and heat context for 2 port and 4 port configuration.


The L2FWD test cases are listed below:

  • tc_prox_baremetal_l2fwd-2.yaml
  • tc_prox_baremetal_l2fwd-4.yaml
  • tc_prox_baremetal_l2fwd_pktTouch-2.yaml
  • tc_prox_baremetal_l2fwd_pktTouch-4.yaml
  • tc_prox_baremetal_l2fwd_multiflow-2.yaml
  • tc_prox_baremetal_l2fwd_multiflow-4.yaml
  • tc_prox_heat_context_l2fwd-2.yaml
  • tc_prox_heat_context_l2fwd-4.yaml
  • tc_prox_heat_context_l2fwd_pktTouch-2.yaml
  • tc_prox_heat_context_l2fwd_pktTouch-4.yaml
  • tc_prox_heat_context_l2fwd_multiflow-2.yaml
  • tc_prox_heat_context_l2fwd_multiflow-4.yaml

Test duration is set as 300sec for each test. Packet size set as 64 bytes in traffic profile These can be configured

test tool PROX PROX is a DPDK application that can simulate VNF workloads and can generate traffic and used for NFVI characterization

The PROX L2FWD test cases can be configured with different:

  • packet sizes;
  • test durations;
  • tolerated loss;

Default values exist.

pre-test conditions

For Openstack test case image (yardstick-samplevnfs) needs to be installed into Glance with Prox and Dpdk included in it.

For Baremetal tests cases Prox and Dpdk must be installed in the hosts where the test is executed. The pod.yaml file must have the necessary system and NIC information

test sequence description and expected result
step 1

For Baremetal test: The TG and VNF are started on the hosts based on the pod file.

For Heat test: Two host VMs are booted, as Traffic generator and VNF(L2FWD workload) based on the test flavor.

step 2 Yardstick is connected with the TG and VNF by using ssh. The test will resolve the topology and instantiate the VNF and TG and collect the KPI’s/metrics.
step 3

The TG will send packets to the VNF. If the number of dropped packets is more than the tolerated loss the line rate or throughput is halved. This is done until the dropped packets are within an acceptable tolerated loss.

The KPI is the number of packets per second for 64 bytes packet size with an accepted minimal packet loss for the default configuration.

step 4

In Baremetal test: The test quits the application and unbind the dpdk ports.

In Heat test: Two host VMs are deleted on test completion.

test verdict The test case will achieve a Throughput with an accepted minimal tolerated packet loss.