Testing Doctor

You have two options to test Doctor functions with the script developed for doctor CI.

You need to install OpenStack and other OPNFV components except Doctor Sample Inspector, Sample Monitor and Sample Consumer, as these will be launched in this script. You are encouraged to use OPNFV offcial installers, but you can also deploy all components with other installers such as devstack or manual operation. In those cases, the versions of all components shall be matched with the versions of them in OPNFV specific release.

Run Test Script

Doctor project has own testing script under doctor/tests. This test script can be used for functional testing agained an OPNFV deployment.

Before running this script, make sure OpenStack env parameters are set properly following OpenStack CLI manual, so that Doctor Inspector can operate OpenStack services.

Then, you can run the script as follows:

git clone https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/doctor
cd doctor/tests
export INSTALLER_TYPE=local
export INSPECTOR_TYPE=sample

INSTALLER_TYPE can be ‘apex’, ‘fuel’, ‘joid’ and ‘local’(default). If you are not using OPNFV installers in this option, chose ‘local’. INSPECTOR_TYPE can be specified either ‘sample’(default) or ‘congress’.

For testing with stable version, checkout stable branch of doctor repo before ‘./run.sh’.

Run Functest Suite

Functest supports Doctor testing by triggering the test script above in a Functest container. You can run the Doctor test with the following steps:

docker pull opnfv/functest:${DOCKER_TAG}
docker run --privileged=true -id \
    -e INSPECTOR_TYPE=sample \
    opnfv/functest:${DOCKER_TAG} /bin/bash
docker exec <container_id> python /home/opnfv/repos/functest/functest/ci/prepare_env.py start
docker exec <container_id> functest testcase run doctor

See Functest Userguide for more information.

For testing with stable version, change DOCKER_TAG to ‘stable’ or other release tag identifier.